Who We Are

“Our vision is to become a preferred service provider in the management of programmes and projects in various disciplines based on the capabilities of the organization.”

Ceba Construction Solutions is a civil construction company registered under the  name: Ceba Cleaning &  Construction Solution. Trading as Ceba Construction Solutions.

Ceba cleaning & construction is a 100% black managed and owned  South African based privately owned company that was established in July 2012 with the goal of taking the current flagship in construction and cleaning to the new level. The primary function of the companyis to provide construction services to developers, funding agents and development organizations.

Civil Works

  •   Water reticulation network
  •   Sewer network
  •   Storm water
  •   Concrete
  •   Road side drains

Roads Works

  •   Earth works
  •   Asphalt
  •   Sidewalks
  •   Paving
  •   Road Markings

Building Works

  •   Plumbing
  •   Tiling
  •   Roofing
  •   Plastering
  •   Ceiling & Insulation


  •   Air handling units
  •   Freezer and Cold Rooms
  •   Air Conditioning
  •   Chiller plants & cooling towers
  •   Lifting equipment

Why Choose Us

Ceba Construction is committed to ensuring client satisfaction through the provision of products and services which always conform to the agreed requirements in respect of specification, cost and time.

This is achieved through a strict compliance to a quality assurance system, which is entrenched and developed for each individual’s discipline. The company is fully committed to continually improving safety performance and to this end standard safety procedures are implemented and maintained on every site.

Before a project commences, Ceba Construction team draws up a detailed programme using computerized techniques. Resourcing of a mutually agreed programme ensure the timeously provision of labor and plant to meet the stipulated requirements.


Get In Touch
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Tel: 078 889 7016
Fax: 086 416 1718
Emai: info@cebaconstruction.co.za

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