Ceba Construction Solutions is a civil construction company registered under the  name: Ceba Cleaning &  Construction Solution. Trading as Ceba Construction Solutions.

Ceba Cleaning is an industrial and commercial cleaning company trading under the registered name: Ceba Cleaning & Construction providing services such as waste management and recycling and construction site preparation and cleaning.

Ceba cleaning & construction is a South African based privately owned company that was established in July 2012 with the goal of taking the current flagship in construction and cleaning to the new level. The company inherently has 100% black managed and owned a status (BEE) comprising of a black female director, Bukelwa Kutuka, which she brings a complimentary expertise and experience to the organization. The primary function of the companyis to provide construction services to developers, funding agents and development organizations. Our management and staff have a complimentary experience in project management, production management and site supervision.

“Our vision is to become a preferred service provider in the management of programmes and projects in various disciplines based on the capabilities of the organization.”Mission
“To manage projects efficiently and effectively by being a customer focused Project Management Company.”Values
“Among all that we value most, Speed, Integrity, Innovation and Excellence form the basis of our values”Our Key Principles
“Our aim is to meet and exceed customer expectation with regards to project management outputs”

  • Directing and coordinating resources
  • Scope and time management
  • Quality management
  • Cost control
  • Participation that will ensure that the goals of the projects are achieved

Our Team
“We have the finest set of skilled personnel. Vivamus mollis libero at eros tristique facilisis. Ut lacinia quis turpis at placerat. Proin vel erat est. Donec mollis elementum metus, eget feugiat magna euismod vel.”

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